Political scientist and Reformist muslim Akbar Abdul Rasul: “Religion is changing and has been reformed”

Islam and homosexuality. A subject filled with tensions. This is the Russian Journalist Valery Potashovs story about Akbar Abdul Rasul:

Photo: Valery Potashov.  Akbar Abdul Rasul

Photo: Valery Potashov.  Akbar Abdul Rasul

On the eve of a traditional Pride Parade that is being held in Umea, political scientist and refomist muslim from Stockholm Akbar Abdul Rasul gave the lecture on Islam reformation in Umea Folkets Hus. For 12 years living in Sweden Rasul doesn’t hide he’s being a gay and even preaching tolerancy for LGBT among muslims.
“There’s so much islamofobia in the world today. But when they say, that Islam doesn’t give the world nothing, I affirm, what a stupid thing! Islam gave the world mathematics, algebra and even the coffee, that Swedes like to drink and many others things – peoples should google about it. Religion is changing and has been reformed and transformed all the time”, - Rasul said on the lecture in Umea. 

Borned in Africa , with indian heritage and grown up in muslimShia traditions, political scientist believes that Islam is going in a process of reformation , especially in its relation to gays, lesbians and transgender people. Akbar Abdul Rasul doesn’t consider them “God’s mistake”, because God can’t make a mistake.
– God is omniscient and omnipotent.  But these views on the process of reinterpretation withinislam seemed revolutionary even for Sweds, so when we met with progressive muslim after the lecture for the short interview my first question to Akbar Abdul Rasul was does he feel himself as a revolutionary.

I think, I do, but at the same time I’m very humble , because I feel my love to God and respect and know that the last word do not belongs to me , Rasul answered. -  Islam is going trough an hard timedue to many aspects and I believe we have the only way – the way to the reformation. It’s so important to talk about it very carefully and with integrity .
Part of the muslim world has been going trough a very tuff political time, many attack from many side and the text of Islam has fall in hand of the worst peoples, and that why it is important to make a difference by talking about Islam as a religion and a diversity of 1,6 billions of peoples – and the next questions is who speak for islam and represente muslims ? We don’t want to be represented by murders , I choose to be represented with MalalaYousafzai , Tawakul Karman , Benazhir Butho and all these muslims, who are workings towards peace and inclusion in the world – and I consider ISIS to no represente me as they are deviant within the world of Islam – but at the same time , they are using some text witch belongs to the holy book I love , and that why I am talking in order to remind thepeoples that the verses they are claiming and using belongs to arabia context of 7 century and the tuff mission of reforming the peninsula witch was given to Prophet Mohammed – his reform lead the muslims world and Islam to golden ages , but what Isis claim to do lead to deconstruction , so there is no divinity from their side .

Isis are a resolve of frustration , geopolitical crisis and so on , but I believe as muslims we need to stand and taking back the legitimacy of the text we love and cherish.

But the things what you are talking about seems for many people even more radical than Islamic radicalism.
Both are radical. But I’m not calling for the radicalization. I’m only calling for rereading of Koran. When people speak about radicalization they don’t speak about the things that radicalize them. Of course people on the Middle East feel powerless under theinvolvementof some country of the Western imperialism as well , but there is so much beauty in the world that we have tofocus and keep seing – my fellow westerns who work for peace , when people say there is to much islamophobia , I remember my Swedish friend and peoples from the Swedish church who work and support us tremoundously and I rather choose to focus on the beauty .

I’ve noticed that the most of the people on your lecture were Swedes. But what about muslims? Does somebody from them support you?
I feel support from many people. I’m getting a lot of messages from them. But at the same time I’m also getting hate messages from some spiritual leaders. I think they didn’t listen what I’m talking about.  Islam has beengoing a process of rereading from Golden ages to now – with it own tradition of reinterpretations such as Ijtihadbut in modern time, there is many way now to recall Islam for the rights essenceandalso realize that sharia law is a law that has been created trough no valid sources from Islam and added as political islam – we need to talk and defeat it cause it essence standing different for what a compassionate and gracious Lord stay forThis journey has been too long from within – but it has to continue and we will succed -  Inshaalah.

I don’t demand peoples to married Gay in their mosketc – but those who do not accept them as part of God design -  disrespect God creation , and only God has thelast word – ToGod belongs the heaven and Earth .

You’ve got an asylum in Sweden because of your orientation , but are there the things that you’re afraid of even in Sweden?
Of course I’m afraid of my safety because some conservative muslims can threaten me and at the others hand some whites supremacist as well. But I believe in God and I’m not afraid of my life, because my life is not given by any human – I have strong faith to the giver of live .