Political scientist, muslim – and gay

Here Swedish Journalist Bertholof Brännström writes about Akbar Abdul Rasul:

Photo: Bertholof Brännström 

Photo: Bertholof Brännström 

 – Everything is a matter of interpretation, the political scientist and muslim Akbar Abdul Rasul says.

In a conversation about LBTQ-issues in Islam during Umeåpride on Friday, he meant the Qur’an speak about the cases of Lot, well know as Sodoma and Ghomora within the previous revelation. But it belongs to the context, at the same time God describes everything created as excellent part of the creation.

Does God make mistakes?
 – No – the Qur’an describe God as omniscient and omnipotent and we need to divorce the patriarchal interpretation of the text, Akbar says.
 – Allah has created us people and does not condemn us for who we are. We must remember that even if the Qur'an is the word of God has it been interpreted by humans. It’s inspired by Allah, and it stand purely for guidance and justice for mankind

 – The Qur’an assure protection for every oppressed group and so is the LBTQ-community in many places of the world – if God stand for justice, let’s follow it and let God judge on the last day, Akbar says.
Since 12 years he lives in Sweden where he was forced to flee from african Burundi when the threats to homosexuals occurred. Due to the position and privilege his parents had within the society it felt dangerous for him to stay.  Today Akbar Abdul Rasul is an appreciated by controversial voice among Muslims in Sweden and Europe and worldwide .

 – I’m critizised and have even got threats from conservative Muslims, spiritual leaders and supremacist. But I also get a lot of support because I dare to challenge and question the interpreters of the Qur'an by those who have now for to long monopolized the interpretation of the text.
 – I think it belongs to everyone to find their path within God guidance and integrity.

 Are you afraid?
 – It's unpleasant, but I'm not afraid. I have a strong faith and feel safe in it, I cannot be afraid on peoples like me as I bow and submit to Lord of worlds Akbar says.

 He continues:
– I read the text as an heretic within Islam and understood that the holy Qur’an do not call for any political purpose. It is explaining how the political matter and questions was dealt with from Adam to Mohammed and it doesn’t call for any governmental systems.

 The Qur’an is a book with moral values and a story to give hope and assure us on the divine, he says. God loves everyone and of course, justice and judgment will be made by God, we need to continue to address these questions and they are important in such time.