Two individuals charged with murder of 60 year old woman

The first story of RedEx. A murder in a quiet part of Umeå. This story shows a difference in the editorial team. Would this be a story in Russia?

Photo: Erland Segerstedt The police officer has nothing to do with the story.

Photo: Erland Segerstedt The police officer has nothing to do with the story.

Swedish police has charged two individuals with murder of a 60 year old woman in Umea, a small city in northern Sweden.

The woman was found dead in her apartment on wednesday afternoon. The police picked up two individuals for questioning on thursday and later charged them with suspected murder. It is unclear in what way they know the victim.

– They are not completely unknown to each other, Olle Andersson head of the department for violent crime at the local police office in Umea, told RedEx.
He declined to go in to any further details because that could interfere with the police investigation.
– The investigation is in a very intense and sensible place right now, he said.
The police has conducted a technical analysis of the scene and has questioned several people in the neighborhood.
Interrogations with the two suspects will be held during the weekend.

Editorial comment:

The participants of Redex found that there is a discrepancy in how Swedish and Russian journalist assess a story like this. From the moment when the woman was found dead in her apartment until two people were charged with murder local media outlets in Umeå have covered the case extensively and there has been national coverage as well.

The Russian participants of Redex were surprised of this big media interest of an – in their view – ordinary tragic event. According to them, in Russia a similar incident would have resulted in just a small news item. The reason for this is that murders in Russia are more frequent than in Sweden and a murder would hardly generate any massive news coverage, if there is nothing “extraordinary” about the case, like for example if the victim were to be a famous person in some way.